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Apprivo is a unique mobile phone application for financial service businesses.

It enables finance companies to utilise mobile technology and react and respond quickly to new trends and changes in the market; a true innovation in financial service mobile technology.

Apprivo uses mobile technology to help banks, building societies, insurance and payment companies to streamline their processes, process mortgage and savings applications more quickly, reduce headcount and cross sell, all at a much lower cost than has been conceivable until now. It also increases customer engagement.

Apprivo is cleverly designed, so there will be no requirement for changes to be made to your core systems. It will sit on top of your existing IT systems and integrate with them. Apprivo provides all the functionality your business needs, with no fuss, making it easy to integrate and adopt by both large and small financial service companies who want to be able to offer game changing technology to their customers, without having to spend thousands even millions on IT upgrades.

The Apprivo system can be hosted in the cloud, or within your organisation’s existing IT infrastructure. No data is stored in the Apprivo system, nor is any data stored within the mobile application.


Completely secure

The Apprivo server can be locked down on the core banking side using any security process, including VPN, IP lock-down or Client Server Certificate Authentication.

There is complete security for connections to mobile devices as all connections are run over HTTPS. When a mobile device connects for the first time a one-time encryption key is negotiated between the device and the Apprivo server which lasts for the duration of the session and is completely secure.


Easy to update

The Apprivo system provides a multi-tenanted, multi-version interface, so updates to mobile applications can be rolled out simply, even when those updates contain radical changes to core banking processes; Apprivo also has the ability to run multiple mobile applications simultaneously.


Aggregating core banking and data

Apprivo provides the ability to aggregate core banking processes and data to provide a mobile interface. This can be especially useful where data is stored in different areas within the core banking system as Apprivo can collect the data from the respective areas, bring it together, compress it and encrypt it for delivery to the mobile platform.

All data travelling to and from the Apprivo server is optimised for mobile data networks, so the data being sent and received from a mobile device is kept as small as possible to ensure a quick punchy user experience even on slow mobile data connections.